Rule of thumb when going to casting calls, keep it to the MINIMUM! Your beauty and talent should be the thing they remember the most, not something totally outrageous that you are wearing to stand out. Your best choice is something simple without a doubt. Try jeans and a tee shirt, you don’t want to wear anything that would distract away from your personality or anything that could tarnish the look of a garment if they asked you to walk.
*Look as simple as possible.
*Plain is key.
*Little to NO MAKEUP!
*Wear little to no deoderant (the streaks will leave a stain on your clothes AND bueno.)
*Wear your hair down/natural. Bring a hair tie just in case.
*Always be ontime or early!
*Bring your agency book/pictures/comp cards!
*Bring bathing suit! No pattern preferably. If client wants to see you in a bathing suit, arrive